Father William Watters

"In October 2012 a group of 19 travelers arrived in Zagreb from Baltimore, Maryland,USA to begin a 10-day pilgrimage through Croatia. We were met by a bright, charming and very dedicated tour guide named Damjan Beusan. From the moment we met him until the end of our journey, Damjan won our praise and admiration. He was always gracious, patient and flexible with our group which was much older in age than he is. He impressed us all with his great knowledge of the various cities and sites we visited. It was evident to all of us that he knew his subject matter very well. When he was asked something about which he did not have a response, he did not hesitate to say that he did not know the answer and would look it up. His intelligence, friendliness, energy, candor, kindness, adaptability, and great loyalty to our group won him high affirmative grades in the minds and hearts of all 19 of us. In the short number of days that we were with him we all had grown to value him not only as a respected professional guide but also as a friend. We have all extended to him an invitation to come to Baltimore and stay with us while we, as tour guides for him, tour him around our city during his time in our country. We give him the highest grades possible for his professional work as a tour guide."

Father William Watters


Pascal V.

Pascal, The Netherlands

Voor de Nederlanders; bedenk je niet en boek een tour met Damian! Een energieke gast met veel humor 

Lori, Zhen n Michael, US

Damian is a well read guide, in love with his country and people, and – above all-  original in presenting it to foreigners.

TJ and Kendra, NYC

Definitely a guide to recommend to those visiting Zagreb!! 

Nélson José Nunes Araújo

"Damjan Beusan… Guia excelente. Pessoa maravilhosa. Profissional. Bem disposto. Comunicativo. Expressivo."

Pedro Guiomar

"Damjan é um dos melhores guias com quem tive a oportunidade de trabalhar, e seguramente, um bom amigo."

Beto Conte

Nossa viagem ficou "unforgetable" graças ao nosso guia local - o incansável,simpático, informativo, bem-humorado e carismático Damjan Beusan.

Father William Watters

We were met by a bright, charming and very dedicated tour guide named Damjan Beusan.

Theresa Schnydman

He is one of the best tour guides we have had in many of our travels.