Plitvice Lakes National Park

One cannot visit Zagreb without taking a day trip to the Plitvice Lakes; there is no place in Europe that could rival the beauty of these lakes, the cascades and waterfalls that link them, the lush flora and rare mountain fauna, especially the now endangered European brown bear. This national park, the oldest in the country (founded in 1949) is situated less than a two hour drive from the capital.  The impact of a one-day excursion to Plitvice is immediately visible: if you like nature, the magnificence and beauty of the water and vegetation will leave you feeling refreshed for many days. It is no exaggeration but a fact proven by the yearly average of nearly a million visitors!

We will walk on the wooden walkways of the lower lakes on the arranged trails, take an electric boat on the biggest of the sixteen lakes. During our ride to the Southeast, heading from Zagreb towards the mountainous region of Lika, an obligatory stop will be made in the village of Rastoke, where a short walk would lead us to the old wooden watermills, which stand on a web of streams. These old houses, once a separate village, now make part of a small town called Slunj, which has become the favourite destination for those from the capital wishing to rent a house for a weekend in the countryside.


PRICE: starting from 80 EUR per person

PRICE INCLUDES: entrance fee, guide & transport

DURATION: full day

LEVEL: moderate (3 hours walking)